About Us

Lotus Kitchen is one of the most advanced kitchen solutions for design an outstanding kitchen for you. We design modular kitchen as per the clients need and specification. Our kitchen accessories like sinks combine decorative versatility with high performance and durability. The latest demands and changed tastes have been clearly understood by Lotus. Our offered products like kitchen accessories, kitchen sinks, home kitchen accessories, kitchen decor accessories are designed using best quality steel and most advanced technology. Our offered sinks come with eco-friendly features and are crafted for perfect kitchen hygiene. All designs are a skillful combination of aesthetics, convenience and style.

Our organization is recognized by the Bureau of Indian Standards to use ISI mark vide CM/L No.


Since the foundation of Lotus Kitchen, today company has earned reckon name in the country. The company has its own research and development unit in Delhi-NCR, handled by a professional team. The research and development team of company is always updated with recent trends of clients in the market. They always focus on improvement and advancement in products.


The trademark of the firm’s achievements and growth has been its capability to develop, and adopt the advanced technology, to meet the needs and specification of a dynamic and growing Indian industry. Seeing doors where someone see walls, we explore new ideas and attempts come through products and routes. Such as, tracking and adopting the advancement in world technology, anticipating consumer needs with economical, reliable solutions, and promoting engineering skill and manpower quality. Our technical capability has given it an edge over others.


Health for a Lifetime:

Lotus stainless steel kitchen sinks and other accessories are crafted from world’s best quality 1 mm thick food grade Chrome Nickel stainless Steel that is static to most of the acids and alkalis released by additives, vegetables and cooked foods. Such features makes Lotus Sinks challenging to pitting which become suitable place for bacteria that cause may be diseases.

Convenience for a Lifetime:

Approved convenience in the Kitchen Sinks, our special range is matched with a host of coordinated accessories such as Chopping Boards, Slider Boards, Vegetable Washers, Soap dispensers, Faucets and Colanders etc. Our offered Sink is polished in a perfect smooth easy clean finish associated with convenience.

Lifestyle for a Lifetime:

Kitchen designing for hosting and entertaining are crafted to arranging the collaborative experience of preparing. Our exclusive range of wonderful designed Kitchen sinks and platforms convey an impression of smartness, solidity and day-to-day lifestyle.

Care for a Lifetime:

Our 24/7 hours Customer Care Service, is yet another initiative from the Lotus to understand and resolve the customers’ queries and complaints. Such service reflects company’s commitment to offer the best of products and services to its customers.


We need talented professionals in various fields.Please touch with us for further details.